January 11, 2017

About us

This is where we can tell you all about our action team, how we started up and what we are trying to achieve.

A meeting was held in Trowell Parish Hall, in November last year. Invites were sent round to this meeting to try and attract as many attendees as possible. 20 -30 people attended the first meeting and various roles were allocated to people to act as a committee. Our overall aim is to stop HS2 by making as many people aware of the implications and effects, not only on us in Trowell but throughout the surrounding areas as well.

2 thoughts on “About us

  • If you think that Anna Soubry has any intention of changing anything about HS2, you can think again. She is part of the plutocracy; merely creating an illusion that she cares about the local people and the area. If, however, one of the properties on Tiree Close was rented at the tax payer’s expense, for Iain Duncan-Smith, I’m sure the route would be redirected. This is a corporate venture, and where there is money to be made there is an Eton-educated Tory at the end of it ensuring that the masses are exploited for the sake of a rich minority. Anna Soubry can’t even secure well-paid jobs for the area and reasonable childcare costs, let alone substantially locate a multi-billion pound venture away from the area. She’s already admitted that she agrees with the route. The compromise will be an infinitesimal change, and she will claim that her ‘hands are tied’ and she tried her best to make the viaduct design more appealing and less obvious.

    • That’s right Shaun, but even if she gets voted out on 8th June, can’t see anyone else promising anything better.

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