HS2 Ltd visit on 27th

At Tuesday’s action group meeting several people, such as Alan and Rose, were concerned about what to ask the HS2 staff. Uncertainty was expressed about challenging facts and figures without knowing if they were factual. It is difficult to decide what is actual fact and what isn’t, especially as the information published by the government and HS2 is to say the least dubious. The sort of things I would be asking are as follows:

The budget for HS2 in 2010 was £32 billion, by 2015 this has risen to £56 billion. In 2016 the National Audit Office stated that the budget had increased by £7 billion, thereby making the total £63 billion. So I would ask how big can we expect this figure to get by the time work is due to start.

The department for transport continually claim that 18 trains per hour will run on the HS2 network, despite rail network experts saying that amount replica cartier love bracelet is not feasible, so I would ask them if the claim of 18 per hour has been tested and proven. Along the same lines, the claim is that the train will have a speed of 250 MPH, again I would be asking if that has been tested and proven to be achievable.

The question of increased capacity to resolve overcrowding is a mystery to me, because most overcrowding on trains is one local and regional routes, nothing to do with HS2, so I would ask how the capacity of HS2 is going to help overcrowding on other routes. Also have they got any figures on passenger numbers for HS2, and if they have, how were they calculated.

Finally I would be asking about the government’s claim that there will be a £2.50 return on investment for each £1 spent. (That figure quoted in December 2016 in a letter from the Transport minister’s office). Given the existing budget believed to be £63 billion, the ROI would then be in excess cartier jewelry replica of £150 billion. The obvious question there is where is all that revenue going to come from. HS2 may say that’s not their issue, but it’s certainly worth asking if our elected MP is there.

Hopefully this will be useful, but I would suggest that whatever we do ask, please make note of any answers they give, for future reference, and post them on the contact us section cartier bracelet
on here.

Have a good Friday!!


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