HS2 visit to Trowell

Well there were cartier love bracelet certainly a lot of people there on Friday, many of them HS2 staff and their security team. I stayed for about half a hour, wandering round the hall, listening to what people were asking and what they were being told. The overall impression hermes replica jewelry I got was that the HS2 staff didn’t know much about Trowell at all, and in some cases didn’t know much about the HS2 route through it either.

Round the long tables with the route maps on them, many people were asking about the compensation bands and where their property was in relation to them. Whilst they were given all the reassuring noises, the fact is that their banding “rainbow” comes to a sudden stop at Trowell, and unfortunately for Trowell residents there is no pot of gold at the end of it.

People were also interested in the point where the line crosses Stapleford Road, and looking at the map it appeared to be somewhere near the existing rail bridge. So, I asked the HS2 chap whether the HS2 bridge would be over the top of the existing rail bridge, and he said yes it was. This again shows their lack cartier love bracelet
of knowledge, as the line actually crosses further down the road where the M1 bridge is.

Surprisingly for the mountain of leaflets available, I could find very little by way of useful information. Overall my impression was that this was just a promotion of HS2, nothing to do with listening to concerns of the people affected by the route.

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