Polling day 4th May

On the day of the local council elections, members of the stophs2trowell action group stationed themselves at both polling booths in Trowell to try and gather signatures for the Stop HS2 petition. Although it was a long fake cartier bracelets
day for some, their efforts were well rewarded with 479 people signing the petition and very few refusing. Interestingly those who didn’t want to sign offered a variety of reasons. Some said they were for HS2, fair enough, some said they thought HS2 was a good idea, but didn’t appear to know why. One said they hadn’t researched the subject so wouldn’t sign. Bizarrely, one couple said they were for HS2 but didn’t want the viaduct. That’s a bit like sitting in a restaurant and saying you want the soup but not the bowl! It’s almost certain that if HS2 doesn’t get stopped, Trowell will get the viaduct, whether we want it or not.

I hope when Anna Soubry receives this petition she must realise the huge flaw in her statement that most of her constituents are for HS2. If Trowell is only partly a reflection of the feeling cartier love bracelet throughout Broxtowe, the evidence would be overwhelming that, no Anna we don’t want it.

Future events replica cartier ring are planned where we will also be generating a Broxtowe petition, more details of these events to follow.

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